Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear Karma, I waited you to hit me.

Everything has changed. Hoping. Waiting. Dying.  Scared. 
I can't believe my eyes. My ear. My reality. I lose him. He choose to go. He'd gave up on me. He can't bear my behaviour anymore. It all my faults. I lose him. I lose him. I lose him. 

"01.08.2013 terlerai kisah antara kite ; Get a new life without me :') Itu yang awk minta kan? Saya tunaikan."  

Speechless. Stymied. Aggrieved.

Regret.  I want him. Forever always. Should i pleading? I'm not too late aite? :'(( 
I broke him down. He's left. He'd gave up on me. He's gone. And now I'm scared of karma. I'm scared to live my life again. If I fall in love again, and then he just playing joke on me, that's deserve for me. Maybe it was paid for broke your heart. "I hate that I let you down, I guess Karma comes back around, cuz now I'm the one that hurting." Keep repeating this song. (Nobody perfect) Related to me. Hmm.

And now, i got believe this words ; People  who create their own drama deserves their own Karma. 

Sorry for my presence. Sorry for my existence. Sorry for let you down. Sorry for the heartbreak. Sorry for everything.

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