Saturday, August 24, 2013

Forever just a promise. Promise meant to be broke.

I hate everything. 
I hate the way you cared about me. I hate the way you thought that I'm the only and one yours princess. I hate how you trying to persuade me when I was sulking. I hate the late night phone call you talk about feeling and tell how meaningless everything is. I hate when you keep patient loving me when sometimes i treated you like shit. I hate the way you stare. I hate the way you can read my mind. I hate when you makes my friends jealousy with how you treat me. I hate the way you make me laugh. I hate the way you make me smile when I'm even sad. I hate the coolness in your eyes when you talk to me. I hate your morning and night wish. I hate your voice. I hate when you ask me to hear a song then sing it to me. I hate the when you worried about me. I hate when you force me to take care myself for you. I hate when you always win when we are quarreled and it always my fault. I told i hate you, i told everything that you will never want to hear it. But still, you still loving me with the same. Not even changed. I hate it. 
You don't understand how much i hate myself. How much i hate you. How much i hate everything. I hate it because this fucking i hate will never lasts forever because forever didn't exist. I knew. I hate it. 

But even though i hate everything, i will never can let go the "EVERYTHING" :)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Love always,

Monday, August 12, 2013

The smile and the happiness

Time move slow. People come and goes. Weather changed. Love faded. But, there's something that never changed. The memories that have been created in our life. Maybe we will forget when, where, why it created but it will never gone in our life. Because memories are the smile that can we made when our life become dull. For me, it just like a inspiration. Yes. I made my memories as my inspiration. Weird? Nope. For me isn't. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Friday, August 9, 2013

Hari raya Hari raya Hari raya

Photography: Izyan Damia
Location: Kampung Tok Jiring -Grandma house

"Indahnya sungguh dihari raya. Ramainya orang bersuka ria. Adikku manis cantik bergaya. Boleh kah abang ikut bersama."
♡ ♡ ♡

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear Karma, I waited you to hit me.

Everything has changed. Hoping. Waiting. Dying.  Scared. 
I can't believe my eyes. My ear. My reality. I lose him. He choose to go. He'd gave up on me. He can't bear my behaviour anymore. It all my faults. I lose him. I lose him. I lose him. 

"01.08.2013 terlerai kisah antara kite ; Get a new life without me :') Itu yang awk minta kan? Saya tunaikan."  

Speechless. Stymied. Aggrieved.

Regret.  I want him. Forever always. Should i pleading? I'm not too late aite? :'(( 
I broke him down. He's left. He'd gave up on me. He's gone. And now I'm scared of karma. I'm scared to live my life again. If I fall in love again, and then he just playing joke on me, that's deserve for me. Maybe it was paid for broke your heart. "I hate that I let you down, I guess Karma comes back around, cuz now I'm the one that hurting." Keep repeating this song. (Nobody perfect) Related to me. Hmm.

And now, i got believe this words ; People  who create their own drama deserves their own Karma. 

Sorry for my presence. Sorry for my existence. Sorry for let you down. Sorry for the heartbreak. Sorry for everything.